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Our Philosophy

Bigger companies follow extensive onboarding programmes that run for many weeks while many startups don’t.

And you can’t really blame them, they’re just starting out! When you’re joining a team to build something from the ground up, you’re joining a team of highly driven individuals to build for the long haul. This means long hours, a lot of research online and a lot of soul searching for skills you need to ace this, and in short - a LOT of time spent in searching for information before you actually get to apply them.

You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t want someone to give you great insight & deliver value right away. We tell you how you can perform better, things you need to know on Day 1 (and need to know for day 100), and things that will keep you one step ahead every day!

We hope you join us to learn the ropes of your new job early on, but more importantly we want you to join us if you are curious, have a hunger to learn & are always looking for ways to kill it at work!